HIV / AIDS constitutes the greatest threat many societies have ever faced. It outranks every other disease that has affected people in the world . Although AIDS can not be cured, it can be prevented. Unlike other infectious diseases HIV selectively and disproportionately targets two groups -the young adults and the very poor ,economically marginalized population . The prognosis for people infected with the virus is bleak. There is no vaccine against HIV and no effective medical cure for HIV infection. Treatment options are prohibitively expensive. HIV / AIDS is essentially an incurable and fatal disease. HIV destabilizes societies because of the fear, blame and stigma attached to it .It threatens basic human rights and invades even the right to privacy and human dignity .No other disease affects human society in this way or to this extent.

The first case of HIV/AIDS was detected in MP in 1988, and since then the number of Aids cases is rising. In view of the seriousness of the problem, MP Government constituted AIDS control cell in 1992 undre madical education department.Subsequently MP state AIDS control society was constituted on 14/7/1998. MPSACS takes policy decisions for effective implementation of AIDS control programme in MP. It is an autonomous institution, funded by National AIDS control organization (NACO).

Although Madhya Pradesh is still a low prevalence State ,the land locked status of the state surrounded by five states with lot of migration and varied socio-cultural contitutions and practices – necessitates close monitoring and implementation of AIDS Control Programme