Strategic Information Management System (SIMS) portal is backbone of the programme monitoring under National AIDS Control Programme. SIMS is an integrated Online (web-based) reporting, data management & decision support system, with monthly reporting from the programme components comprising ICTC, TI, Blood banks, STI/RTI, IEC, laboratories and DAPCU. The portal also enables the analysis and dissemination of wealth of data generated under NACP. The Supported Web Browsers are Internet Explorer (6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0), with Compatibility View Help. The basic features of SIMS are:

Role of SIMU
1.It is an internet based tool to manage the data system and allows the unit level users - data-entry online, modifying, viewing and validating reports periodically.
2.It a single tool, where data can be entered, monitored, analyzed and customized reports can be generated.
3.There are three data flow levels in SIMS online software. They are reporting unit level, District level, State level and National level. Once data is entered at the reporting unit level, all subsequent higher levels can view the data in real time.
4.Here data is Added, searched, modified, viewed and verified the monthly report.
5.For effective use of SIMS online software, reporting level users are given training periodically.
6.As per the requirements of various components, reporting units are activated and deactivated and made changes according.
7. Data is evaluated/ analyzed in state level and wrong reports are reset and sent back to reporting units for correction and on correction, the reports are included in the evaluation/analyzed.
8.SIMS is hosted on "Meghraj Cloud" for faster access of Software.